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Joana Ribeiro

The Portuguese jewelry designer Joana Ribeiro was born in Matosinhos, on the 7th of August of the year 1987. Since ever, she felt the calling for arts and so she followed that calling all the way through University. In order to fulfill her skills and constant desire for craftsmanship, she completed her degree in Jewelry Designing at Escola Superior de Artes e Design (ESAD). During her road on the way to become a designer, Joana used Erasmus as means to find new inspirations. The Hodgeschool of Antwerp was the Belgian teaching facility that she selected to perfect her techniques. In 2010, she also completed her MBA in Product Design as a way to fully realize the creative power that is needed inside the design industry. To test her ability, she took on an internship on a traditional Portuguese filigree company, combining classic thinking with her modern perspective on design. Never satisfied, Joana permanently tried to conquer recognition for her pieces. Her jewelry work consists on taking nature as a major guideline and inspiration. As Joana walks through gardens, she pays close attention to nature's design. This is the sketchbook to build her pieces. One of the main concerns of Joana’s work is representing something beautiful and unique, but also wearable to a vast public. The number one material used is silver, but this is always combined with an array of other products like rough quartz, enamels, metallic inks, street stones...

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Recent Work

Mozambique - Maputo

Mozambique - Maputo Mozambique - Maputo

CASA MAIS , Rua Marques de Pombal, 85. Maputo

Spain - Barcelona

Spain - Barcelona Spain - Barcelona

La Basílica Galeria, C/Sant Sever 7. 08002 Barcelona

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